Physic Lab

Laboratory activities provide experience with phenomena, a starting place for the systematic development of students ideas and a testing ground for the predictive power of their reasoning. At Tagore Sr. Sec. School laboratory activities are designed to engage student’s minds, so that students may acquire skills and confidence in the process of learning. The Science lab experience provides opportunities for students to interact directly with the material or with data drawn, using the tools, data collection techniques,models and theories of science. Our labs are well equipped with the latest apparatus. The school spends liberally on buying new equipment. Students in a hands-on-science program will remember the subject matter better, feel a sense of accomplishment when the task is completed and be able to transfer that experience easier to other learning situations

Computer Lab

Study of Computer facilitates a way of thinking, a way of organizing a logical proof, a way of reasoning. It gives an insight into the power of human mind. This forms a very valuable discipline of teaching-learning programs of a school. To facilitate directed discovery, learning and develop analytical thinking, we have provided the students with well-equipped Computer labs where experiential learning takes place. Our highly qualified and experienced Maths faculty imparts a strong logical orientation to the entire learning experience

Chemistry Lab

With the mindset to provide state-of- the-art infrastructure to the students to cater to their needs and foster their interest in science subject the institution owns well equipped and sufficiently stocked Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs. Realizing the importance of this scientific era students are exposed to these laboratories as per their practical schedule and there they are made to conduct experiments under the supervision of competent lab attendants. Their teachers are also available to provide guidance and, in this way, earnest efforts are put in to fulfill all the requirement of science subject keeping in view the practical aspect without which theories have no significance. It is not worthy that all labs have been constructed as per the norms and this fact was duly acknowledged and appreciated by the CBSE team visited for inspection.

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